Survey Background

A survey of the Churchyard of Saint Mary the Virgin, Garforth, West Yorkshire was conducted around 1988-1990. This was before building work was to be carried out and a car park added. A photographic, map and text based record was made of the graves which can be searched on this website. The location of the graves; both marked and unmarked, represents the situation as it existed until 1990, at which time a new extension of the church fabric; at the eastern end, displaced several of the headstones.

Car-parking facilities to the South of the Church were extended at the same time, involving further displacements. Since then other factors, such as vandalism, or health & safety considerations have also caused the displacement of some memorials.

Nevertheless, for family historians seeking a record of the final resting place of relatives; deceased between 1674 and 1986, this survey still provides useful information. We have also provided links to the Parish Records of Garforth as an additional resource.

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