Maps of St.Mary's Churchyard showing unmarked graves

The unmarked graves area bordered in red, is split into Left and Right hand sides.

If you have searched for an unmarked grave and have a co-ordinate to locate, it is organised as follows:

R = Right hand side, L = Left hand side, Number = Row, Alpha = Column.

You can click in either side of the unmarked grave areas below to open a more detailed map in a separate window. This will open a large Adobe pdf file which may take some time to download. Once open, you can zoom in and look at the map, print it or save it to your own computer. Copyright © 2010 Garforth Historical Society.

(You need to have Adobe Reader installed on your system. If not already installed you can download it by clicking here)

Left hand side - Unmarked Graves Right hand side - Unmarked Graves