Help Page for Searching the Survey Database

You can search our database in a number of ways.

By Surname, Forenames, Marked grave reference, Unmarked grave co-ordinates and by Date(s). The search page opens with the Surname search being the default, you can change this by clicking on the drop down box to the left of the Search button and clicking on a different preference.

Enter a search term in the box just to the right of the word Find: and then click on the Search button.

Results will be displayed underneath. In the example shown below, the term 'smith' has been searched for in Surnames.

Garforth Historical Society


You can search for partial phrases or even single letters in Surnames or Forenames by using the % symbol.

For example, to find names containing the letters 'er' in any part of the name, just type in %er% into the search box. To find all Surnames BEGINNING with 'L' type in L% in the search, or to search for names ENDING with 'wood' type in %wood. As seen, the position of the % symbol alters the result. NOTE: typing in % on its own will return every possible result - try it!

After pressing the search button, you will see results as shown below...

Garforth Historical Society

You can click on any Grave reference shown to the right of a name, this will then open a new page displaying full information for that Grave Reference plus a photograph and links to other persons and grave references that are possibly connected.

The example below shows you where to find the Grave Reference, there may be more than one, if so the first reference is normally directly associated with the name shown & the other references may link to a grave reference for persons with the same name or have other associations.

Garforth Historical Society

Clicking on the Reference will produce a new window as shown below...

Garforth Historical Society

The original search page is still open on your computer, click on other grave references to view their details.

You can search for person(s) who have died in a particular year or between 2 years. The drop down list should be changed to 'Date', and then a date (4 digits) entered into the search box. Press the search button and a list of persons along with their Date of Death will be shown in brackets. The date is shown in the format of YEAR - MONTH - DAY. If you put two different years into the search box e.g. 1885 1902 (earliest year first), the search will find all persons who died between the beginning of the first year and the end of the second year stated.

Please note that some results will show the day or month as 00, this means that the day or month of death is unknown. If the year is shown as 9999, this indicates that the year of death is unclear or unknown.

You can also search for the year 9999 and this will return results for all persons with the year of death unknown. You can also search for the year 0000 which will return all grave references for persons NOT known to be buried in any of these graves but who are named on memorials.

Please close this window when you have finished viewing it.